when creative spirits meet

thank you all for a wonderful spring of dreaming, creating, weaving stories of the places we belong to.

* jane, you were with us in spirit on our last gathering at sagg main.

wishing you all a fruitful summer…delight in the senses

summer blessings from spain *c





the places we belong to

Giving back a gift of beauty.
This morning when i walked the beach, I followed the path of dark seaweed at the edge of the high-tide line. It was a cool morning for june, the sky blue…fuschia rosa rugosa blooming on the dunes.

An almost perfect day…i had a bone to pick with everyone who discarded their plastic water bottle caps, mother’s day balloons, and juice pouches. Woven into strands of seaweed were bits and pieces of trash. My feet bare want to touch a pristine earth, I want to think that reverence arises naturally the way the waves meet the shore and that gratitude is as buoyant as the three floating clouds above the horizon.

When i walk i am possessed by the land. I do not own this stretch of shore, or any land but a kind of ownership comes from loving and knowing a place. Walking gives you a sense of possession – noticing the tern and plover, the compass grass growing, the seaweed. I dont need “title” to this ~ i belong to the land. I acknowledge my place and my relationship with all that inhabits and grows on this land. I recognize the sea and the earth as an ancient birthplace.

A circle of wood and tree branches, collected as i walked…each weathered by wind, sun and sea . Facing the sea from the center 8 steps in the 4 directions. South. North, East, and West. An opening at the southern arc of the circle. Like a japanese enso I want the world to flow in and out and to allow for the possibility of exchange and change.

36 steps, a slow, deliberate walking meditation around the circle’s circumference to honor earth, to ask that we remember ~

we are kin with all living beings,

to acknowledge our role as stewards

to walk lightly.

radjoy18_Fotor2(for the summer solstice 2018)

Jung and the Landscape


“At times I feel as if I am spread out over the landscape and inside things, and am myself living in every tree, in the plashing of the waves, in the clouds and the animals that come and go, in the procession of the season.”

– C.G. Jung