ENJOY YOURSELF little dewdrop

Sagg Pond November 2016

Cormorant.  Great Blue Heron.  The call of Kingfisher seizes my attention.  I hear him and wonder if it is he standing poised atop the flagpole, noble one of Sagg Pond .  The lower stripes of the American flag drape around the old mooring.  Spiderwebs – woven threads of gossamer curtain across reeds.  Each delicate strand with tiny dewdrops.  “Enjoy yourself!” radiant beads of early morning light




A workshop dedicated to stepping into greater wholeness this winter and establishing  creative practices with your own rhythms and in relationship to what is relevant to your life –

We will be writing as an exploratory and visionary tool to tap into our deep nourishing creative potential.  Setting up a map for our winter journey.  Committing to a creative practice that suits your imagination, vision, internal landscape.  Creating as a way of insulating, preparing, restoring.

Winter Counts are a Native American practice that traditionally chronicled the important events that occcured in a year beginning with the first snowfall.  They were physical records used in conjunction with a more extensive oral history.

Friday  November 18th, 11:00 a.m – 2 pm

Workshop fee:  $45