ENJOY YOURSELF little dewdrop

Sagg Pond November 2016

Cormorant.  Great Blue Heron.  The call of Kingfisher seizes my attention.  I hear him and wonder if it is he standing poised atop the flagpole, noble one of Sagg Pond .  The lower stripes of the American flag drape around the old mooring.  Spiderwebs – woven threads of gossamer curtain across reeds.  Each delicate strand with tiny dewdrops.  “Enjoy yourself!” radiant beads of early morning light



One thought on “ENJOY YOURSELF little dewdrop

  1. Reading this, I felt, ‘I know this place’….both through your words and images – and being there myself today….trying to photograph the dewdrops before the rain comes again – wondering – how would I create a dewdrop with paint? The vivid sadness of the stripes ‘draped around the old mooring’….balanced by the call to ‘ENJOY ourselves!’ Beautiful….

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