“The insanity of human destructiveness may be matched by an older grace and intelligence that is fastening us together in ways we have never imagined”
Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest



Welcome Spring

Yesterday we reconnected after a short break and met for the first in a series of five meetings for the workshop Medicine Bundles: Connecting to the Natural Living World. Hampton Library hosted us in their colonial-style archive room. It felt a bit formal but the graciousness of the staff and the warmth of our re-union countered the stoic glances from the 18th or 19th c. portraits. We had a wonderful first session.  Thank you Bette for sharing and recounting your ambles along the winding persistent river near your home in Arizona and the healing power of elderflower.  Alison, love the word crepuscular.  Thank you for bringing us closer to the wild and wonderful world of words and etymology.   Im looking forward to meeting next week plein air style in the gardens at Madoo. Jane please continue to share your posts here on WinterCount and know that you are welcome to join us when you are feeling re-charged.

ps. im not completely settled on WinterCount as a name for the site if we are to continue to post.  I would love to see the blog continue and am open to your thoughts on whether the name is still appropriate.  If you have suggestions please let me know.

Thank you all for returning and encouraging the fire of our creative livesfullsizeoutput_1ff1