facing the unknown

Our lives depend upon our oceans, forests, the cycles and rhythms that have truly been governing us throughout the ages. Ecosystems are complex, they require precision and they are fragile. More than ever they rely on our cooperation and stewardship. We should all be outraged at the latest decision by the White House to drop out from the Paris Agreement. What can be said of the arrogance and selfishness – the choice to ignore signs and science.
The choice to wreck the planet is a failure of reverence for all lives this moment and for future generations. Ignoring climate change is a human rights violation. What can we do as individuals and communities. Im not going to ask earth to forgive us for disrupting its integrity, for the crisis which includes species extinction, melting ice caps and rising sea levels. Im going to ask that WE WAKE UP…to the magnificence that fastens us as a whole…to remember we are not separate



One thought on “facing the unknown

  1. This latest news is so saddening….so maddening. So frustrating to watch as we move back into the dark ages in every aspect….I don’t know what to say, what to do. I just seem to watch aghast, with my mouth hanging open.


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