Sunday May 13 1:15 pm

early spring


spring in the old orchard
deer’s passage

a path holds bones shaped like butterflies, rain and absence
its length has no end

time bends toward the empty writer’s studio,
the sea and the sea voice

workshop announcement/spring 2018

A Workshop of Writing, Creating and Presence


5 Sundays beginning May 5

An intuitive exploration of who we are and who we dream to be in the landscapes that hold us. Each meeting will offer the potential to reveal, surprise, allow entrance into both inner and outer placeworlds
teaching, dreaming, informing our wildness as women, sisters, collaborators

“We think that we imagine the land, but perhaps the land imagines us, and in its imaginings it shapes us. The exterior landscape interacts with our interior landscape, and in the resulting entanglements, we become something more than we could ever hope to be”
SHARON BLACKIE, from The Enchanted Life

workshop fee  $75





following what calls

DSCF7768_Fotoryesterday afternoon on my walk home i stopped to visit a neighboring willow. I remembered reading that willow trees communicate with other willows in the surrounding landscape. trees send signals to each other communicating distress and dare i say love….depending on how you package the ungraspable. studies have been done concerning the language of trees and how messages are actually sent.
I wasnt there to unlock their secrets.
I gathered some of the longer branches, tied them loosely into a bundle and brought them home to dry. next step soaking and if my memory serves me…to weave a simple basket

I Invite You


Into The Fire: Embracing Wholeness as Home

Approaching Winter
December 3, 2017 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Writing and ceremony are perfect companions on our journey in life. Together they can make that journey—whether the journey is only one footstep or a lifetime of footsteps—one filled with wonder and gratitude. Creating ceremony gets us in touch with our bodies, minds, spirit, our relationship to the world around us. We learn to bear witness….to heal and recognize our wholeness. The practice of ceremony can help us as writers to focus and find new openings, new meanings, new ways of relating in the world. The workshop is meant to bring light as we look deeply with curiosity and compassion.

We will be working with the element fire

“Everything comes to us that belongs to us if we create the capacity to receive it” Rabindranath Tagore


meet each moment with openness


preservation of all that is wondrous and wild
FALL 2017


September is a time of beginning, of recommitting to all that feeds this life of creative practice. Im happy to offer this opportunity for us to gather in support of each other’s revelations, sparks, musings, desires to dig further and go deeper through the act of writing and making. For many of us creating is a way to journey to the other world within this one. To enter into quiet profundity and permit entry into wild and unknown territory.

I hope you can join me for 5 weeks of deep listening, dreaming and giving way to our innate creative voices. I will be curating a selection of prompts and essays, poetry and interviews as touch points throughout our sessions together.

Can we all meet on Sundays @ 1 pm beginning October 15th.

The cost for the 5 week workshop is $75

I look forward to gathering and stoking the creative fires with you this fall.


To slow down is to be taken into the soul of things.
~ Terry Tempest Williams